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Without a spotter, I'm really hesitant to work a muscle to failure. I also think it's hard to stay in proper form when lifting too heavy a weight.

I got started on "body pump" type workouts with a great video--but it was VHS, and I've never been able to find a DVD version. For two or three years, I did a body pump type workout at the Y. Loved the instructor. But as in many gyms, the turnover in both attendance and leadership is lightning fast. She left. I left.

For a year or so, I did spinning at the Y at 5 am. Who was that person??? But I sure was fit--and relatively skinny. Although I don't subscribe to the CICO theory in general, I find that when I'm really putting in the time with running, spinning, stepping, or whatever higher-intensity cardio it is, I'm skinnier. I just don't want to anymore.

Have a happy, healthy day.
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