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Originally Posted by Merpig
I wish his blog was a little better indexed so I could more easily see the articles worth reading, though I've been trying to pick through some of the topics that sound of interest - but a lot of them lead me to unviewable videos.

I prefer to read too so what I did was start at his earliest blog post and worked my way forward via "Next Post" and skipped the videos.

Then I got really interested and went to YouTube later and followed the various lectures. If you watch only one video, I recommend this one. Insulin Toxicity and How to Cure Type IIInsulin Toxicity http://intensivedietarymanagement.c...ype-2-diabetes/

Originally Posted by Merpig
I was sad to say he says no artificial sweeteners on his food lists though.

He doesn't elaborate on that much. He seemed to lump all the sugar alcohols together for instance, despite them having different properties. I'm taking this prohibition with a grain of salt unless I learn otherwise from my own experience.
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