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The whole thing about phytoestrogens and estrogen makes my head spin sometimes. I'm about to lose my ovaries to radiation and I'll go right into menopause. I have some female relatives who have had estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer so I just can't get too excited about losing my estrogen. A lot of the menopause literature recommends soya Etc as a natural replacement for the Lost estrogen. I just don't think I could ever.

If you listen to podcasts you might like Paul Anderson. He's co-author of a new book called outside the box cancer Therapies . In one of his podcasts he said that the people who stay on low-carb have the best remission rates of their cancers.

Medicine and Health with Dr Paul

The BC Cancer Foundation has been running some blog posts by a researcher who has been researching low carb diet and cancer. they got slammed pretty bad on Twitter by a bunch of idiots and they haven't finished the blog series.
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