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I trust google for nothing. Too much BS. They changed my yootoob username without my consent. They linked my separate accounts without my consent. They omit the mention "sponsor" in their search results. They personalize search results so that no two people (rather, no two IP's) see the same thing. They obfuscate URL's for search results when you're logged into your google account, so then you can't know if you're actually on the site you clicked, cuz that URL is just unreadable garbage (likely a tracking mechanism). They harass you by telling you it would be really good if you just put your phone number in that little box for security purposes, cuz ya know, it's all about da security and stuff, every goddamn time you log in. They add bloatware to Android OS, all of which is literally useless (I have used exactly none of that crap. Ever.), drains battery, that's just a great idea. They turned on max performance on laptop graphics card by default in their Chrome browser (it's a mechanism in the graphics driver that allows apps to run smoothly on demand), drains battery, that's just another great idea (they had to patch that cuz they got caught cuz complaints and stuff). And likely much more I'm not personally aware of at this time, but then word gets out, it's da intarwebs after all.

The point is, if there's little reason to trust google cuz of all this crap, how can I possibly trust google about search statistics, hm? For all I know, search stats is just more of the same BS.

Yay, keto is top number 1 on the most untrustworthy search engine on the planet! Well, at least they talk about it, there's that.
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