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Hi All!

Do you get the feeling that Dr. Atkins does not get personally involved with any of the marketing of his food products?

I believe that this is a separate subsidiary, and that it is solely run by business entrepreneurs. He probably gets a royalty.

How else can you justify the promotion and hype about all the LC delicacies that his company offers that I believe truly goes against the LC WOL, and his teachings. I am truly disappointed in that he allows this type of marketing using his name.

I have now read CAD, Dr.Atkins books, Power Protein, and very recently "Eat Yourself Slim" by Montignac (a Frenchman who has sold over 8 million copies in Europe, according to the front cover). Yet none of them have recommended eating "health bars" in their books.

I still feel strongly that LC WOE is the wise and healthy way.
But..... I am not certain that Dr. Atkins isn't "selling out".

If I am on the wrong track, somebody please give a correct direction.


P.S. I think it would be of tremendous value to all our members if we did a study and compared all the different programs and phases that have been recommended by the various authors of LC WOE and arrive at a consensus as to the proper carbs for induction, etc.
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