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Default Tackling diabetes with a ketogenic diet the tale continued

Our new favourite New Zealand journalist John McCrone continues his writing about keto for type 2 diabetes, responding to several of the comments about his first two articles and promising to write more.

Tackling diabetes with a ketogenic diet the tale continued

Low carb diets are a hot topic. Having told of his own efforts to reverse T2 diabetes last week, John McCrone answers some of the reader response.

OPINION: One moment triumph, the next dropped straight back into the worries and uncertainties. All part of the complexities of dealing with a chronic condition like diabetes, I guess.

What am I talking about? Well, last week I told of my own type 2 diabetes journey about having pulled back from the brink through adopting the still controversial Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet.

Out of the blue as a "slimmish, fittish, 60-ish, white male" on the standard, sugar and starch heavy, insulin-spiking, Kiwi diet I had developed sky-high blood glucose levels.

And just about as quickly, I managed to drop those levels back down into normal range by switching to a fat-burning, ketogenic, eating pattern.

Certainly a tale of triumph. And one that resonated with the New Zealand public. There are plenty of us out there struggling with the same health issues for the same dietary reasons.

So keep the conversation going many urged. And I shall.

This week I will first reply on some of the points raised in the readers' comments on the two articles my personal journey with LCHF, and the official view.

Then I will add an update on how I may have been premature to suggest my own diabetes story is anywhere near finished.

Full article:

It's also worth noting that all 3 of these articles have reached well into the top 10 most viewed articles of the day on the website, and once again the comments section on this one - like the first two - is overwhelmingly positive.
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