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Originally Posted by bkloots
Hi, Glenda. I found you over here sorta by accident. I'm an exerciser too (as you know) but don 't regularly check out the exercise threads.

114 degrees. Wow. I wouldn't dream of leaving the house under those conditions. I'm glad to hear about the cooling towels though. I'll check 'em out.

I went for a medium walk yesterday to the Art Institute to view their annual Art of the Car Concours. It's an outdoor show of cool vintage cars--a scholarship fund raiser. It wasn't that hot (80s I guess) but it was surprisingly strenuous to make the round trip. I am trying to renew my walking commitment, but mostly early in the day.

Hope the trip to help your daughter goes well.

I've tried 2 brands of cooling towels ~ they aren't all created equal. The most efficient is the Atomi Activcool Cooling Towel which I got at Sam's Club, but Amazon has them also. I just tried another brand called Cages Way 2 Cool which is made of a different material and will never keep me cool in the desert. However, it's lighter weight so could be carried in a plastic bag as a backup.

Yes, I'm going for two purposes. To help my daughter out so she can take a vacation and to celebrate with my classmates. We're celebrating our year of becoming 70. We're calling it a 70th Birthday Party. Most of them I haven't seen since 1963 and I'd like to say goodbye to the survivors. Chances of my seeing them again before we all croak is unlikely.

Yes, I stumbled across "gym log" and thought why not. Thanks so much for stopping by while I talk to myself. Really, I use it to keep myself motivated and on track.
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