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Plan: my own ~ fasting.
Stats: 178/134/110 Female 4ft.11
Progress: 65%

Hi, Every one.
So nice to see others post{as It helps so much to keep going.
As we know it is hard. I Have done so great last 5 years with staying with a healthier plan and exersice.
But For some reson this year is the haredst.
I soups I blend mine and those ones I have are creamer it seems to me.
Plus I found if I use 1/2 c. white kindey beans {Blend with one of those hand blenders. It works great.
I also have gotten off low fat to non fats{and just use the real kind.
I also eat healthier fats{Limit like avacaocas and Avaco. oils.
I have to get back to green smoothies for i love them. I Just started this week walking{ Used to do 6-8 miles. and I was able to jog 6 miles.
But Like I said fell off that for 8 weeks.
Today went and got 4 miles in. and on last lap i jog.
Tomorrow go and see if I can get 5 miles in and maybe 1-2 machines.
Then down to sauna and steam room.

I just started coffee{Ice and the bad thing i do is diet pop.
I should see if I have sB book[But I think I do close to it.
Lots of veggies, good fats. low sugar fruits, Little meats.
nutsand so on.
I have so many books on green smooties .
I also use vitamans.
I just need to reset and just keep reading .
If I can make this year{Then I know I can make goal.
I have already. Just like to be 110lbs.
Keep posting.
I have all diet books.
I like dr. Oz. also
Calaries I think are very much the key. Nice this is getting us to talk.
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