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Hi janet! Glad you are here! It's wonderful to read your posts and have another person posting with me !!
I really appreciate your suggestions. I think you have gotten the wheels turning in my head lol!!

Thank you for mentioning veggie bugers! I love them and have them on my shopping list for next week! Which ones do you prefer? I like the Boca or the Morningstar farms burgers.
You are also right about the beans. I am thinking of cooking up some lean ground turkey with seasonings and throwing a drained can of black beans in it. I could then make a taco salad with lowfat cheddar and lettuce. I don't mind eating that every day!

Dressings i limit to a tablespoon of south beach friendly dressing but maybe instead I could try olive and vinegar instead? thinking that would be a good way to get healthier oils in!

Thank you for the great suggestions and welcome!
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