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I just read Misdiagnosed: One Woman's Tour of--And Escape From--Healthcareland by Jody Berger. She experienced tingling in her fingers and her GP sent her to a prominent neurologist, who ordered a scan, and told her she had Multiple Sclerosis. She left the office with a bunch of pamphlets because she was told, "pick a drug."

I've read about these drugs, and they scared me into reading Dr Wahls' book during a terrible flare-up. The deviation from her program is that she offers a step-down kind of keto program, and I did total elimination: meat only for about a month. The IMMEDIATE cessation of my worst symptoms (though it took months to fully heal) convinced me to be careful what I added to that, and I still am.

For anyone wondering, there was some weight fluctuation, probably from stress, since I didn't drink OR bake sourdough bread during the crisis and of course stress is terrible for all illness but especially auto-immune. I had a small flare-up, scaled back to my basic meat/fermented dairy/condiments and rested like a fiend. I'm feeling my strength returning.

For Ms. Berger, the prominent MS specialist, who was her only guide in this process, ended his interaction with the drug pamphlets. You get your scan and pick a drug. Next!

As only an investigative journalist can, she was in a place to explore different options. She wound up discovering it was stress combined with at least a b-12 deficiency and probably more. And that if she was scanned again, and the lesion had gone away, it wouldn't change her diagnosis. Because it's "unpredictable." Next!

If it had been Cause Bingo I would have won the big lavender bear because in the center of my square I always put VEGAN.

I will say this, that the author was an engaging writer, who admitted her good fortune in having the resources to explore many options and the ability to read a drug study.

At least she was not a committed or obnoxious vegan, because after the diagnosis she went for "comfort food" and referred to the chicken the way some people regard birthday cake. That was your body talking, Ms. Berger. You should eat more meat. I can forgive her because she had absorbed the culture-wide advice which equates meat with cyanide and was eating accordingly.

As of the book published in 2014, she still cannot get her MS diagnosis taken off her medical record. Which messes her up with health insurance. And even though the tingling has gone away, the MS doctor would not budge. She'd have to pay out of pocket for another scan, and I don't know if she ever tried that... but it was a stark reminder of how many other people would have taken whatever ailment their malnutrition was giving them to their doctor. Who would naturally prescribe drugs instead of food.

She was also fortunate that she never started taking the drugs, because the first thing she did was look up the studies and discovered they only helped one third of patients; but endangered all their lives from a LACK of a working immune system.

That's all medical science offers, and so this is incredible news.

That goes for ANY autoimmune disorder, as Dr Wahls asserts in her book. It let me understand my strange pattern of symptoms and reactions, and come up with a health strategy to meet and beat them before they flared up.
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