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Originally Posted by WereBear
I'm convinced my angle is Acquired Cortisol Resistance

To expand a bit for those not familiar with my journey (detailed in my journal): my health crash in which began in 2009 had its roots in a lifelong, undiagnosed, genetic condition which can be managed, not cured. With my own self-diagnosis being confirmed about 2.5 years ago, I am revamping most of my life to allow me the self-care I need. A work definitely in progress, but I have moved within my employment organization to a new job that does not stress all my challenges the way my old job did, expanded my living space -- which destroyed my writer's block! -- and completely changed what I do for relaxing and recharging. This led to a giant collection of supplements I still experiment with. This week I'm heading back to basics with Dr. Kruse's Epi-Paleo food plan.

Fortunately, I kept the husband

Essentially (and Dr. Kruse is the ONLY person on the planet who understands this in my experience) what happens with Cortisol Resistance is the same thing that happens with Insulin Resistance, only more dangerous. As Dr. Kruse says, "the next stage is death."

Without cortisol able to get into the cells, so many things go so very wrong. I had serious levels of most of the symptoms of early Addison's disease, but testing showed I had plenty of cortisol, so doctors stopped listening. Even though they should have caught what I caught: that my cortisol was too high and the peaks and valleys were coming at all the wrong times.

I corresponded with a couple of nice research scientists who said that Cortisol Resistance only existed from birth. This could not be me, because I was okay (if shaky here and there) until a bad doctor stopped my hormone supplementation and crashed my entire metabolism. So that wasn't it, but it was close.

It led me to Dr. Kruse, who was right about that and a lot of other things

It LOOKS auto-immune because without cortisol getting into the cells and doing its life-giving work, people get a lot of issues. Just like auto-immune. But it's not because the immune system is "attacking the body" by misreading leaky gut contamination with wrong proteins and such. Things go wrong and exhibit illness because the cortisol isn't there, and healing and other important cell work can't happen without it.

In my case, it was that I needed to reset my cortisol cycle so it was being released in the right amounts at the right times, the same way low carb resets insulin resistance. And I started Dr. Fung style IF towards the same goal: hormone resetting.

Just an alternate pathway for those in need: it turned out to be MY answer.
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