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Originally Posted by Meme#1
I wish it had the a magic cure, the answer, a reason.

So do I.

Mind you, while my condition manifests as autoimmune (currently battling some psoriasis that is horror movie level) I discovered that I'd already DONE most of what she discussed... which means this angle is unlikely to be the game-changer for me that it was for her.

I'm convinced my angle is Acquired Cortisol Resistance, and for that, there is only ONE source: Dr. Jack (Madman) Kruse. He gave me my sleep back, he helped me get some energy back in my darkest hour, so I'm going back to his plan of Epi-Paleo. I also have his book on that, and will post a review after I re-read it.

Put "Atkins Induction" on my profile, but I had that kinda wrong, so let me change it again!
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