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My sister barrowed my 2 horse trailer and brought it back this afternoon. Apparently, she is camping at the big rodeo(drunken fu** fest) and her barrol horse dumped her and her son. The horse has back problems and turns out, thats was his problem. So she wanted to use my trailer to bring him home rather that taking down her camp and using hers. Ok, she brought it back and told her that the horse threw a fit in it and theres some damage inside. I look in and where the tie ring was attached to the feed bunk(not sturdy at all) was totally torn out, the feed bunk was ripped out and just sitting there, bent from force.

I did ask how the horse faired (only to be polite), but no one really seamed to care that my trailer was damaged, sure its not the pertyest thing in the world, but its safe and mine. I asked her if she had bothered to get him adjusted to a small trailer before she shoved him in and tied him up, "nope, didn't think to". Wow, I have great family! HB pounded the feed bunk back down so it wasn't dangerous. It will need welding, but we will get to that another time.

After she left, I decided to see how my horses took to the trailer since I havn't had it long and they have never been in it. Blue, loaded in like it was nothing, I didn't expect him to react. When he was a young stallion, I had a 2 horse trailer also. My mare was nervous, but she loaded and I stayed in there and gave her grain. I had her back out twice, but the drop off scared her and then she just refused. I loaded Blue back in with her and left them both for a while. Came back and unloaded Blue, now Bonny is ready to come out, she was trying to back out with the door closed -----Gave her some grain to get her off the door and opened it when she had calmed down. She was nervous, but I got her to back out calmly without taking out the trailer walls.

Why couldnt my sister work with the horses before she tied them in, it would have gotten them over there fear of tight places and the gelding wouldn't have been injured and HB wouldn't be welding on the trailer. Some times I wonder why I'm nice to my family, especailly my sister.

Horse shoer came out after I got the horse out of the trailer, and Bonny absolutely refused to let him work with her feet. She tends to be a Bi***, but today she was all over the place. He is coming back to finish her next week and I'm going to talk to my vet about giving her something to take the edge off of her while shoeing.

I can't wait for my logo stamp! She told me that she lasers them on Friday and hopefully can send it out on Saturday. The lady doesn't usually set up the runs till Friday, but she set up mine last night while we were e-mailing each other. She works 4 days a week and does laser ingraving on her spare time. Nice lady, from what I have read in the leather forum she does good work and everyone is passing her name around.
The keyfobs will hopefully be a hit and maybe be good advertisement.

Sorry this was so darn long, but the trailer thing really pisses me off. That must be why you don't loan out things, I have never damage a borrowed horse trailer though.
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