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Default Sexym's Daily Fitness Log

I like excercise, till I get burned out and that doesn't take me long. But, I know I need to loose this weight, so I am going to do some cardio for a while and perhaps pick up the pace later town the road, if I can stick to it.

So, Today I walked 2mls, fairly fast pace, not speed walking like I would preffer. My 5 yr old was on her bike and she tends to slow me down a little bit. Didn't have much time, so it was only, 2 mls

Also, after supper this evening rode our bikes appx 2 mls, more on the leisurely side. I'm not a speeder on the bikes, don't have any stamina to keep the speed up. I feel lucky to just be going down the street and making it the hills.

High hopes of walking in the morning
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