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Today was Ballet Vitae. Barre work and work it was! My butt is still burning on both sides, but that's a good thing. One of my favorite pastimes after a workout is the steam room or I think it's a sauna, but some people call it either or. Anyway, I sweat and can feel my muscles relax and I stretch a little in there. Mainly, I sit and lean against the back wall with my legs stretched out and bend forward a few times slowly. Maybe that's why I haven't had any muscle soreness.

That is unusual. I haven't worked out on a regular basis for two years, and yet I've done pilates, ballet, yoga, dance classes and am not sore. What is up with that? Could it be the daily saunas? Maybe?

Anyway, tomorrow is pilates. I haven't taken that class yet. The pilates I took was mat pilates; everything on the mat. Btw, I'm taking my own mat from now on. Their mats are slippery as hell and I had a vision that I slipped and snapped something and just kept sliding out of the room.

Not cool!
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