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Wink Linda Love - A Transformation In Progress

I didn't know there was such a journal; a gym log/journal. Hmmm, I guess I can post here and/or in my regular journal.

This is my 2nd week at my new gym/spa. DH got me back to working out again by purchasing a full body massage as a Valentine's Day gift. The problem is, it's all booked until June 3rd, but it's okay for now since I'm not in any discomfort from achy muscles, so I can wait.

Today's class was body blast. It targets the whole body and I enjoyed it. The next class is Thursday. Tomorrow's class is ballet and barre work; a good class, too. I love resistance training because that's where true transformation begins. You're not going to obtain lean, sculpted muscles from cardio dancing, but you will from resistance. It's especially recommended for women of a certain age. (hint, hint )

The scale can register a high number all it wants because you WILL be heavier, but not from fat; from muscle. That's some serious stuff and I want it!
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