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Default Jello & Diet Soda

Originally Posted by Ms Arielle
For me, weight loss is easier without AS sodas. Using sugar free jello also go figure.

Think Jello has 2% less sodium than soda?

Diet Coke: Carbonated Water, Colour (150d), Food Acids (338,330), Sweeteners (951, 950), Flavour, Caffeine. Contains caffeine, Contains phenylalanine.

Love Jello. We don't have much of that here in Sweden.
There are special stores here for that but not where I live.

Jell-O Raspberry Sugar Free Gelatin Mix: Water, Gelatin, Adipic Acid and Citric Acid (for Tartness), Sodium Citrate (Controls Acidity), Aspartame* and Acesulfame Potassium (Sweeteners), Salt, Red 40, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Blue 1. *Phenylketonurics: Contains Phenylalanine.

I think the gelatin, the collagen evens it up somehow. Haven't had any reactions eating Jello as I recall in the past. May make some of my own soon.
Growing up we had lots of homemade gelatin desserts and fruit soups. Very
common back in the day.
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