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Plan: my own ~ fasting.
Stats: 178/134/110 Female 4ft.11
Progress: 65%

Today is another good day.
Looking at how to change things around and still eat low carbs but yet healthy ones. Along with good healthy fats.
I'm up from 128 this month to>131
But that is still highier on what I have been. So looks like I need to lose 11lbs to get back on a loseing track and be like I was .
So hard work and learning about how and have less to none slips.
If I can just be even. Next Month 12/1st and be at least 128{Nov.1s twas> 128

I also think thatwhen I get back to exeriscing and sauna. that will be another key.
I guess I should ask> Why did I fall so hard this year. when I did not.
April1st2019 will be 6 years that I started this road to health and weight loss. And I will get back and Just keep working at it.
No bad foods for just eating is Not worth it in long run. We always feel better when we get healthy. We can heal our bodies and help it work like it should.
Our cars would not work if we put bad sugars in gas tank so why would our bodies work on it?
Hope Izzy and Maral you will be back and we keep this going.
Hope to talk soon to u both. Learn tips from each other and just hi.
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