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Default Vindication!

I feel so vindicated by this article. My goal all along has been feeling better. When I started out, I was on the short road to being very sick. I had no energy, I was lethargic, I hurt all the time, and my menstrual problems were making me think I was going to have to have a historectomy.

I changed my "diet" to lower my insulin resistance, which probably caused all my other problems, and, as I became healthy from that change, I began to be more active.

Now, 16 months later, I am only about 20 pounds lighter than where I started. But I now hike, dance, and walk regularly. I am easily exceeding the author's recommended 1/2 hour of walking a day.

When I started this way of life, I never believed I could make it through a dance number without being so tired I could hardly stand or make it through a 10-mile hike with a 3000 foot elevation change. Now I don't think anything of dancing through the night or making that hike.

I do believe that changing my way of eating was the key to my becoming healthy and active. If you are eating foods that make you sick (feed your insulin resistance), you can't be the active person you should be. However, it's the activity that is truly making me feel stronger, more agile, quick witted, and atractive.

Changing my diet "cured" my PCOS and insulin resistance (read pre-diabetes). And by curing those ills, it gave me the energy to get out there and move.

I love low-carbing and moving!

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