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Originally Posted by GRB5111
I agree with Arielle. If doctors are expected to teach nutrition, they better adjust the curriculum in medical school. Then, they'll learn to eat less, move more and stay away from red and processed meats and sources of saturated fats. Can't wait for that
Exactly, in an article about obesity and Covid in the NY Times a week or two ago there were lots of comments - the mostly traditional "put down your fork you fat pig" sort of comments.

One doctor replied "I'm a doctor, and I know the solution. You need to cut down on what you eat and get more exercise" the classic "eat less, move more" most doctors suggest. And said he couldn't understand why his patients couldn't seem to do it when the answer was so obvious.

Once woman replied "if 95% of your patients can't follow your advice (which is about the failure rate of the 'eat less, move more' advice) then maybe the problem is not your patients, but that the advice you're giving them is wrong". And naturally everyone jumped all over her telling her she was an idiot.
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