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On the needle side, the good news is that the needles commonly used now are so thin that you can seldom even feel them going in. Poking your finger for the BG measurements is almost always more painful.

I'd recommend getting more radical with lowering the carbs if that will keep you off insulin. But taking insulin is far from the end of the world.

As for the organization, I have the same problem. I keep a calendar on the wall just above the scale and every morning I weigh myself and check my sugars. I then record this on the calendar and also decide what my insulin dose for the day will be and record it there as well. The problem I have is that I then need to remember to actually take my insulin when I go downstairs and occasionally I forget. Less often I become unsure whether I've taken it or not. So at the new house I have on of my little dorm fridges from my college days up next to the scale so that I can take my insulin right then and there and I'm also going to take a block of wood and drill seven holes in it and then on Saturdays I'm going to load it with seven syringes for the next week so that I have an easy record of whether I've actually taken my insulin on any given day.
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