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Hi all,

I'm not exactly new here and not new to low carb. I started my journey a long time ago...longer than I will admit ....and settled into my WOL. It has suited me well but the last couple of years, I let things creep back in that don't suit my personal biochemistry. That seemed to gain momentum given our recent COVID situation and too much "comfort" coming from foods. I know better...I work in integrative medicine and I know what a slippery slope this can be on so many levels.

So, about 7 weeks ago I stepped on the scale, licked my wounds and went back to low carb/high fat Paleo. I'm down 11.3lbs and would like to lose another 22lbs.
I see the old pattern of stall, stall, weight up a pound or two and then a whoosh. As long as I keep the pattern in mind...I can keep perspective! However, coming here and seeing support and feedback from others also helps me stay on track so I thought I'd stop in and say hello and connect with others.
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