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Hey, sorry for the late response, my weekends are crazy busy lol
It takes me about 1 hour to finish that workout. I usually don't rest for too long between my sets, only about 30-45 sec. I did some cardio yesterday (Sunday) - 45 min or so, and I did back and biceps this morning:

Lat pulls 5X8-10 reps (one warm up set plus 4 regular sets)
Row 4X8-10
The Ab Bench Back Extension 2 X 10
Barbell curl 4X10-12
Preacher curl (barbell) 4X-10-12
Dumbbell Hammer curls 4X8-10

I think next time I will do one extra exercise for both back and biceps, I felt like I had more strength left at the end of the workout. I am scheduled to measure myself (chest, biceps, waist) on May 15, so I am curious to see if I lost any inches. I've switched from wearing XXL t shirt to XL - went to the store the other day and XL is now a perfect fit for me. It used to be too small. My scale is not moving much, though, so that's a bit frustrating. My weekly average weight went down, though.
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