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Originally Posted by Chef Ron
How are your workouts going Sniggle? I did my shoulders and legs today:

- 1 warm up set + 4X 8-10 Military press
- 4x8 standing shoulder flys
- 4x8 barbell upright rows
- 4x 8-10 leg press (squat machine)
- 4X8 -10 quad extensions
- 4X8-10 hamstring extensions
- 2X10 adductor
- 2X10 abductor

The last two I am not a huge fan of, but what the heck, I said I'll give it a try and see if they add anything to my regular workout routine.

That looks like quite a good long did all that take you?

I am jealous of the shoulder flys, as my left shoulder does not permit me to do them anymore (heck, my left shoulder hurts doing, bench, mil press, and dumbbell press, but it is manageable). As far as the abductors, I just do knee lifts on the dip stand, between 40 and 50 (of course the son does handing sit ups with a 15 lbs be young).

Lot of leg work...which is awesome and something I kinda neglect....I have leg work programmed in at the end of each workout (either dead lifts or squats), but because of time, fatigue or general laziness it sometimes gets dropped. I do miss the gym leg machines...they are easier on the old back.

My son and I are still kicking the same routine I laid out...about 75 minutes, 4 days a week. My son busted through a bench press plateau end of last month, knocking off 4 sets of 5 at 175, and then the next session knocked out 4 sets of 5 at to watch as the proud father. I have been stuck at 4x5 at 210 for a while, and my shoulder is holding me back some, as well as the fact I am not young anymore. But I will soldier on:-).

Today is shoulder/back/lats/ will be hard and hurt some, and I will feel beat up afterwards, but a hot shower and a little bit of whiskey afterwards will cure me
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