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Originally Posted by zoran
I want to start fresh and reset my plan . How?

To delete your previous weight loss entries and graph ... go to the Progress/Charts page .. Look at the list where you type in your weights .. you'll see check boxes to the right of each entry, as well as one at the top of the list. Click that top box to select all entries on the page. Scroll down and click "Delete Selection". This will delete 50 entries at a time; unfortunately if you have a year or more worth of entries you'll have to repeat this procedure several times to delete them all.

Once you've deleted all entries, you'll need to refresh/reload your browser page in order to make the graph reset to a blank chart.

Unfortunately there's no similar way to delete old food entries in bulk; you can only delete each day one at a time. This is too tedious, and really it's not necessary as you can just start fresh today and go forward from there .

Hope that helps
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