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Originally Posted by GRB5111
As barb states, this is normal once you've become adapted. Cravings go away, and that initial sensation is strange to many who take hunger sensations for granted. No two people are alike, however, as this happens sooner or later, but it happens.

Are your numbers correct? If so, you are just below your goal weight.

Yes, my stats are my updated numbers from my morning weigh-in. I don't mind if I get down a few more pounds, but I'm not actively trying to lose weight. My current BMI is 21.5, so I have a bit of wiggle room yet, I just need to make sure I don't continue dropping pounds at a time lol. I just started lower carb this week, so hopefully once the water woosh settles down my weight will settle as well.

I wasn't expecting the no hunger thing-first time ever that I haven't wanted to snack every couple hours!
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