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I'm currently enrolled in a medical weight loss program (hey, it had some free perks!) that tracks calories eaten and estimates supposed calories burned through activities/exercise as a part of the program. I'd give the calories in portion a lot more likely accuracy rating than the activities part. I believe the results this researcher discovered comparing the hunter-gatherers with more sedentary people all having a cap on activity calories they can metabolically afford to expend, as my own experience mirrors this. The program will say I burned thousands and thousands of calories doing lots of activities I enjoy, but if I really did I'd be as thin as a toothpick and probably pretty sick from lack of energy by now and I'm not either of those. I don't know how the body pulls it off, but it really does prevent spending too much energy on activity somehow (while still allowing me to do the activity) because the body is smart and designed to not run out of energy and die from doing too much. I have noticed that on a keto diet I have a lot more energy/endurance than other players around me eating typical SAD diets, although people's various fitness levels might also be at play.
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