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Originally Posted by Rosebud
Yes, it does seem a bit complicated at first - they all do.

For the bacon, I would (and do) just click on the cured raw.
And for the egg, I click on "egg, whole" (2, or however many), then I just do an estimate if I have used the bacon fat. But if it's from the same bacon, I would not use any extra, because it has already been counted.

Then, don't forget, once get your breakfast figured out, if you eat bacon and eggs regularly, you can type 'em in as a Bulk Entry - Single Meal. Check the FAQ sticky for how to do that. I don't mind admitting it took me a LOT of help from the webmaster to figure that one out! But once I did, it has saved me hours and hours.

tyvm for your answer I got 2 breakfast items in for today but I'm having trouble with the other things...but I refuse to give up lol
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