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Originally Posted by khrussva
I think that I have found a better way to go. But I want to KNOW if my lifestyle changes are working. I have been waiting all year to find out. I thought that one year was enough time elapsed for a meaningful information. Now I may have to wait another year.

Given the score of you first CAC, the need to confirm that you're doing the right things with your WOE is understandable and important. If the next test shows little progression, that confirms that your approach is helping. I believe we would all benefit by knowing that. Until then, given your overall health improvements over the recent past, I believe you can be confident that you're likely doing everything you can to continue to improve your health.

There is recent research that shows individuals have achieved lower follow-up CAC scores:

I'm curious about the recommended time period of the getting a follow-up CACS test, and I'm sure it's out there. All the best, my friend.
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