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Originally Posted by Meme#1
Like someone else said on here, if you do get the scan and they find blockage, what do you do? Is there no cure except for by-pass or stent?

I think that the value of this test is to identify a CVD problem before there are any symptoms. If you know that you are well on your way to a heart attack, then maybe you can do something about it. When CVD reaches a point where stents or a bypass are required, then you have more than likely had symptoms. My scan last year sent me to the front of the line for a high risk of a heart attack. But to date I've had no symptoms. My brother, on the other hand, had a heart attack last year. He is morbidly obese, smoked for most of his life (although not anymore), is a T2 diabetic, and doesn't do a very good job managing his BG. After the heart attack he had to have several stents put in and was prescribed several drugs that he must take for life. I want to avoid that if at all possible.

Perhaps I am in too much of a hurry to have a second scan done. My doctor seems to think so. But I am a data guy - both in my chosen career and with my WOE. Progression (or lack of) is the key. But it can only be measured with two (or more) data points. I believe that I am doing the right things to keep progression of my CVD at a rate that greatly reduces my risk. But I also know that how I eat is not in keeping with dietary advice of the American Heart Association or your typical cardiologist for that matter. So you'd have to say that I am a rebel with a cause. I think that I have found a better way to go. But I want to KNOW if my lifestyle changes are working. I have been waiting all year to find out. I thought that one year was enough time elapsed for a meaningful information. Now I may have to wait another year.
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