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I'm a very emotional person and stress gets to me too. A few months ago I found Its got me through the last few weeks of school. They'so soothing I've gone from high stress to falling asleep during all of them, even the 7 minute one.

If you can get a walk in. Get away from all of them and breath some fresh air.

If you have to eat, pig out on LC stuff first.

Part of you is fortune telling- that it will be awful, that you'll eat uncontrollably, you might not get back on the diet. This is anxiety talking. Talk back to that nagging voice telling you can't stand this. People have stood far more. Practice being charming to people you don't like. Practice kind thoughts to you and them. Think about what you would tell a friend going on this trip. Have hope, have faith that you can handle this weekend. Give yourself credit that you're capable.

I had a friend who once told she'd never lost sleep worrying about something. Whenever I went to their house they always seemed happy and I thought they were lucky. Well they went thru very hard times. Their father-in-law had put their name on a house and they got a tax write off. Father-in-law fell on hard times sold the house and they got a huge tax bill. They had a new baby when husband broke his neck in 3 places and couldn't get out of bed for a year. They were still happy.

I started telling myself everything is going to be okay. Experts say most of what you worry about never happens. Over time I started believing myself. With my calmed mind I can think clearly.

I love flylady a house-cleaning website. Yesterdays post really touched me. I hope you'll read it. Its called One More Day of Hope.
(FLY = finally loving yourself)
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