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Those are good. Our store had on the new shelf a "Nut Butter" filled bar around a coconut crust, sounded good, but when I checked the label it was 23 g carbs, lots of added sugar for a little bitty bar. The Rx bars have carbs too. The nutty bars, like the Kind Bars, are usually the lowest in our store has a number of Quest Bars flavors can buy by the piece,
The winter flavors are showing up...a new Winter Wake-up tea, peppermint, etc. I think their brand of canned Organic pumpkin is one of the tastiest, Clean pumpkin so I stock up for the year now.
And there was a Pomegranate Vinegar on the new shelf, as well as fresh pomegranate...what would I do with those?? Would it change the taste of a simple oil dressing enough to make a difference? Nice bottle is about all I can say...passed on it for now.
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