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Default More UK Food

Hello all

I'm new to this forum but thought I would add a few things I've found along the way:

2 peppered steaks with peppercorn sauce 1.98 (1.3gms per 1/2 pack) cooks from frozen in about 10 mins - really delicious

They also do a no sugar added tin of rhubarb which isn't too high in carbs

2 Chargrilled Chicken Fillets with olive oil, coriander & lemon juice 2.99 (2.7gms per breast) a bit pricey but a great just bung in the oven quick meal and really tasty

2 Chargrilled chicken Fillets with olive oil, red onions, balsamic vinegar & basil 2.99 (1.7gms per breast) as above

In their Simple Solutions range they do a pack of about 5 large chicken legs in a spicy coating which are really low in carbs. Hot N Spicy Chicken Legs I think they're called - 1.99 for the pack I think.
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