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Originally Posted by M Levac
Now let's say that this backup handling system also needs a shovel, but it's only got a sieve. Now let's say that some points need multiple shovels and have a high chance to blow up even if just one of those shovels gets replaced with a sieve. Now let's say that the repair systems that go in and fix this break also need shovels, and so forth.

Does this make any sense?

Yes, I think it's a fine analogy.

One thing I have in abundance right now is cold So I'm going to try cold exposure (we have an unheated porch in the apartment house with a comfy couch to sit on, and I spent time there this morning.) Easy to finish with a cold shower as long as I can stand it.

Ever since discovering Kruse's work in 2014, I've been following his sleep protocol, which is about restricting blue light after sundown, and I get the dark room with a sleep mask. I probably tried a dozen kinds until I found my present one only a few months ago: the best yet, the Nidra Deep Rest Contoured Eye Mask. It can be done!
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