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This, the very last post on the comments section. I read a lot about this last year.

"The high sugar intake is the major cause for cancers and it causes the sugar glycolysis mode that loads up the glycolysis waste products like Lactic Acid that sets up the growth media for viruses in these areas and hence cancers.

This all explains the mechanism of Otto Warburg and his discovery that cancers do not happen with alkaline pH levels. The site for this is the metabolic water of the mitochondria ATP production zones and the glycolysis makes these areas acidic and loaded with excess deuterium.

All this goes to show these illness pandemic in human health are due to too much sugar and thus deuterium levels in the food chain and that the better food pyramid is good fats with low deuterium levels like Omega III from plants and fish and other good fats from grass fed sources of all kinds. Human health is destroyed by factory farms feeding fish high deuterium carbs or cattle high deuterium carb grains."
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