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Default How Ketogenic might work its metabolic magic

Since going Ketogenic a few weeks ago for its helpful effect on autoimmune issues (so far, so good) I’ve been doing a lot of research to implement it in the best way for me.

(And there is more than one way to tackle autoimmune, since the Wahls Protocol achieves its results with NINE cups of vegetables a day.)

One fascinating side note came up, and I found a good article which explains it well:

What You Need to Know About Deuterium: Fatigue, Cancer, Metabolic Issues

Too much deuterium in your body also causes problems in mitochondria, the “powerhouses of the cell.” If you can’t get enough energy to your cells, you will experience fatigue and related issues.

I’m listening to the Wahls Audiobook, and mitochondria health is the center of her healing and research approach.

By understanding deuterium we can better understand why studies of the ketogenic diet have shown positive outcomes for diabetes, cancer, epilepsy and neurological disorders, obesity, and more, and also why fasting is a useful practice for health and longevity.


Here’s why your body’s deuterium levels are probably too high (above 130 ppm):

Deuterium levels in the water we drink and breathe have been rising for about the past 11,700 years

Eating carbohydrates and processed foods elevates deuterium in our bodies

When we get insufficient sleep, sunlight, cold exposure, or exercise, or breathe improperly, we accumulate deuterium

Sounds like one of the keys to understanding those diseases of civilization to me. Here’s the takeaway:

There are several ways to lower deuterium for better health and wellness:

Fasting and dry fasting lower deuterium

Ketogenic diet, seasonal ketogenic diet, and low-carb high-fat diets lower deuterium

Quality sleep in darkness lowers deuterium

Sunlight, cold exposure, breathwork, and exercise help lower deuterium

Drinking deuterium-depleted water (DDW) lowers deuterium

Tons of science at the link for those inclined, but I wanted to share this for others who are exploring this path.

It is only somewhat new to me, since I’ve been a Kruse fan for years, and this is just a deeper dive.
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