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We are here in DE and having a great time. We had a nice meal last night, and today DS22, DH and I went to the OC Boardwalk for a while while DD and SoIL went to see his parents. It was great to walk the Boardwalk, people watch, dip our toes in the COLD surf etc.

I did have a funny experience that I will c/p from sharing with someone. I tell ya, I wish I could have watched this happen bc I would have peed my pants laughing over it. HA!! Apparently I was not the first and I'm sure I won't be the last!

Well, I had an embarrassing experience today! 🤯

We are in OC and DH, DS and I went to Thrashers for some fries.

As we are waiting in line, I see one of those pump things, like you see at petting zoos or RennFest, to wash hands. I headed over and started washing my hands very thoroughly in anticipation of my hot, salty boardwalk style fries. I was pumping the foot pedal and scrubbing away.

Suddenly I hear a guy calling out loudly "Ma'am! Ma'am!! That is VINEGAR!!!"


And let me tell you, I *STUNK* TO HIGH HEAVEN.

Several rounds of hand sanitizer later, it was somewhat improved but I had to smell like vinegar until I could get back and really wash up.
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