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Demi - this is good information and very simple and easy to read. The suggestions are all doable and make sense. My mother is 96 with some dementia and lives in an assisted living/nursing home mainly because of both her dementia and because her knees gave out and she is in a wheelchair. The suggestion about being able to stand and move around is so important. The ability to "transfer" from a chair or wheelchair to the bed or toilet or anywhere makes the decision as to whether you can stay home or in assisted living or nursing home. My mother had to leave her wonderful assisted living residence when she could no longer transfer or toilet without assistance of one person. The amount of care you need to move and take care of your personal needs mandates where you can live out your old age.

It has made me super conscious of my own physical shape. I have a bad knee that I plan to have replaced after watching my mother become wheelchair bound because of her knees. She would never consider replacement and then it became too late.

I plan to save this list for a reminder and guide.

Thanks for posting!

Another good reason to get this weight off. My mother only weights about 125 pounds.....imagine a helper trying to lift a person who weighs over 200 pounds. Your future depends on you
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