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Jey, thanks for this explanation. Great info. That is the assumption we were working on one month ago but the technician who was to draw blood to verify the diagnosis never came. So I continued with intermittent pain in both feet plus swelling.

Yesterday the NP came again. When I told her the pain shifted feet and never seems to affect the same part of the foot - sometimes the instep, sometimes the big toe, sometimes the side, she said it was definitely NOT gout.

She said it sounded more like an autoimmune disease and ordered blood work again.

I told her that when I saw her a month ago I had fallen off the low carb wagon and had been indulging in a morning croissant. Boom! Wheat!!! Boom boom!

However, I had finished the croissants by the next day and was looking for carbs in everything I ate since. But the pain and swelling persisted.

I had no idea that I could get such a painful autoimmune reaction to wheat that has lasted one month! Still painful. I am going to have to re-read Wheat Belly to see what he has to say about autoimmune responses to wheat. I obviously missed that.
Does anyone remember?
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