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WHAT a day........... putting down my dot. Listen you SLACKERS..... if I can post after a LONG ARSE day at Corona R us....... you all (no names) Except Lori- was here .......... You all can post a dot!
I am saying this is fun! We need each other- I need you!

Work was OK- busy busy busy...... Was up at 430- tomorrow will be another 430. Then I will be able to sleep in until the late hour of 530.

So far feeling good. They are going to be doing temp checks every shift. They keep asking for us to go back to bedside. I told them again I was uncomfortable.

So then I got a call from the VP of the special emergency services. Who said that there are alot of staff that could be "refreshed"- I said I would think about it. They are expecting half the front line to go down in the next few weeks and need bedside providers. I will think on it.
I think I am already front live. But honestly if hands on care go down it would be disastrous. We already have national guard. Goodness I can't wait till this nightmare over.

DD continuers to SLOWLY improve day by day!

WOE- didn't happen today. Tomorrow a new day. It was a one meal comfort, it was just not high on list. I just wanted what I wanted and you know, it is what it is. Is the scope of things it ranked low.

I know that not everyone feels that way. Low carb our way. Right now my goal is to not gain anymore, just to maintain. I will drill down when I can, and when all this crazy is over I will be back 110%. My goal is to live through this. F'it if I had little red potatoes at dinner with my salmon. And THEY WERE DARN GOOD.
Sorry if I tempted- just chatting.

Hope you all healthy and well and happy -
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