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Hi all,

Saw this on the net: "Remember when you were little and your underwear had the days of the week on it? We could use some of those about now."

Sunday? Or is it Ground Hog Day? Again.

Nic---I think it's so cool that your boys are making a fort and hanging out together. I LOVE forts. Any kind of fort in the storm. Haha. Seriously though, my pal had a tree house, and my dad built me a little house/fort in the back yard and we went from one on to the other all summer long. Not to mention the many forts we made of sofa cushions and sheets, and the forts we made out of the piles of leaves in the street before the dads came out at night and burned them---when you could still do that---then it was s'more time. SIGH. I think a lot about "the good old days" these days. For your boys I would think that building a fort in these times would feel like a return to childhood, at least for a bit of time, and right about now, that's a very good thing.

I'm w/you on the scale girl. Was holding steady for these last weeks despite not being on plan most of the time. But this morning, 2 lbs up. At least you're walking a lot, which is great. Gotta get on that more. Have done it a few times in the last week, but dang, I have to drag myself out there.

Trig---I know the fence work isn't fun, but it seems it could be tiring in a good way and definitely productive. Plus you're outdoors w/no worries about crowds and other people. Also sounds like a lot of exercise to me.

Meh on the bacon/salt water retention. That's all it is y'know, and it will disappear when you take a break from the bacon/salt. A day or two off it and presto, gone girl.

Jaz---SO HAPPY, your daughter is doing better!!! And your son must be near recovery by now too. How about your friend?

Loved reading about you having a mellow/chill weekend. Lord knows you needed it. Cool that you put your chairs out at the end of the drive way and chatted w/your neighbor. People are doing that a lot here now that it's nicer.

And hey, as long as you're more in the money right now, again, check out downloading ACORN for the series "A Place Called Home." You'll love the fifties fashions and it's a "page turning" story. It might be on Amazon too.

Lori---Hey girl, you're not alone in the off plan department here as I know you've read. But you are our exercise queen, followed by Nic these days, and yeah, I think that will really help.

And yeah, got a huge charge out of the concept of wearing your bathing suit around the house to remind you to eat better. Now that's my definition of masochistic, particularly in these times, but hey anytime. Yeah. No.


Super lazy weekend for me. Yep, as I've said, I'm up and down like a Yo-yo. Not up or down today, just "am." And that's OK. Ok is the new fab.

Hubs and I have spent most of the afternoon binging the 3rd season of Ozark. Which is very good. Dark, yes, but not the kind of dark we're living now, and not the king of dark any of us would ever find ourselves in. Laura Linney is freaking AMAZING in this, and Justin Bateman is like you've never seen him. What's so good about it is that it is at its root, always the story of a once normal family, still trying to be normal in the crazy world they end up in---inch by inch the decisions they make, while loving and worrying about their kids and arguing over dinner over things familiar to us all. If any of that appeals to you, you gotta start w/season 1 w/this one for sure.

I have read so many books I forget what I just finished. But as is true since I read my first book all by myself, reading saves me, takes me away, engages me in these days like few other things do. This weekend is the first time I've been able to really focus on series/movies.

Have had no interest in my art projects, or in this last week, writing. It comes and goes. I KNOW I'm going to have to create my own energy by "just doing it" even when I don't feel like it. How is it that w/all the time in the world one can have such a hard time getting things done?!?!

I have some answers for that to be filed in a later post---"The Life and times of the corona Virus." It's sure a world turned upside down. And I miss my peeps---zoom is fine, but it ain't the same.
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