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Originally Posted by gumbybythe
Hi all,
I been following the south beach diet for awhile and decide to try some wheat products to see how it goes weight wise. I haven't had any grains in about 6 months or more and missed them. So I tried some all bran cereal a few mornings ago for breakfast with a few blueberries, tasted great. A few hours later I developed severe stomach pains, felt extremely nauseated and had horrible heart burn and (sorry TMI) gas. I also experienced extreme hunger, shakes and sweating. I've never had a reaction like this to wheat before, so don't know what happened or why? It's been 3 days since this and my stomach is still cramping a little and of course I don't feel like eating much yet. Has anyone else experienced this when trying to reintroduce wheat products ? This makes me scared to ever eat wheat again. I know it wasn't the berries or almond milk I've used both of these things for awhile now and no problems with either of those so it had to be the cereal. Guess I go back to eggs and greek yogurt, definitely no more cereal.

Sorry that I haven't seen this until now. Hope that you're feeling better by now.
Yes, it's happened to any when they don't eat wheat/gluten for a long while and then have some. I think your body is telling you that you probably would do better without wheat/gluten in it.
You can try other seeds and or grains for cereal. There are gluten free oats that you can find online. Not all grains have gluten in them, think quinoa or rice. Chia and Flax seeds make a nice cereal too.
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