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Default Dr Terry Wahls: Defying All Odds

Defying All Odds

The Power of Healing Lies Within You

Times are changing. Conventional health wisdom is not the end all be all that it used to be. Far from it.

In the past couple decades, the scientific community has become increasingly aware of the determining role that lifestyle factors –especially diet– play in human health and longevity.

This is true, even, for diseases once thought incurable.

People are also now waking up to the fact that lifestyle choices, not man-made drugs are often the best tools we have at our disposal to reverse a wide number of illnesses and keep their–often crippling– symptoms at bay. Defying All Odds tells the story of this awareness shift through the astonishing story of Dr Terry Wahls.

Defying All Odds is not only a unique-looking film about one brave woman’s journey to regain health and save her own life… It’s also the poignant testimony of how, ultimately, the power of healing lies within us. Figuratively and literally speaking.
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