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I've never heard of it, but with the apparently low-cal/low-fat food, and exercise, it sounds a lot like a hospital version of Biggest Loser, only without the fame and prize incentive to do whatever it takes to lose weight (hence ordering pizzas).

I disturbs me that they referred to it as a rehab facility, because it sounds like they consider overeating to be purely a food addiction, which means they were trying to treat it as if its just like a drug addiction or alcoholism. It's not the same. It's certainly possible to go your entire life without doing drugs or drinking alcohol - but food is a necessary part of life, just like breathing. If it was a true addiction, they'd need to cut out food altogether, for the rest of their lives. The real problem seems to come down to what you're eating, especially in a world where processed food corporations do everything they possibly can to create perfectly legal addictive substances: "foods" designed to make you want more, more, more.
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