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Went back to first post,
Of course rich Western adults could eat less meat.

I do wonder how this point was arrived at. It is a comment as old as the hills, or nearly.

Personally, I see far too many people who cannot access quality food, and meat consumption seems to be rather low, while crappy carbs are very high.

This has been my personal observation at grocery check outs, visiting friends, and looking at food pantry staples.

What is the real number? What is the pounds oer capita? AND consumption based on income level would be rather reveiling.

Also, could it be that higher consumption of animal meats, including fish,etc, is healthier? Where are tbe studies on optimal protein intake?? IMO tbere is ni such level. Other nutritional foid sources impact the amount of protein consummed so one set serving a day becomes a moot point.

Back to the quote above, such a statement is one of bias and negativity. Not truth.

IMO, far too many people around the world have been starved of quality meats. From the poorest in the US, those that choose fast foods to over populated areas...

Though I am not convinced that providing "conventionally" produced protein is the answer. It fixes one problem but creates another. The trade off is health.

My son helped me bring fresh broccali , tomatoes, badil and zucchini to the weekly church supper. When were leaving with the leftovers , he mentioned how fat everyone was attending.....even he us realizing quality of food matters to good health.
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