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Default High protein hot chocolate

It's getting to be that time of year, and one of the delights of the colder season is low carb hot chocolate.

Had a celebratory cup the other day, and it was the usual: cocoa sludge at the bottom. I looked up ways to handle this. It turned into the usual:

It's easy!

Just muddle the cocoa and almost-boiled milk with your marble mortar and pestle to keep it from graining. The milk should be at XX degress, or if the beads around the rim are the size of uncooked rice. Then whisk! whisk! whisk! before cooling so it can go in the blender.

Now frappe in three 20 second bursts and sprinkle on shaved bar chocolate using your chocolate bar shaver...

Now I understand if you are one of the people whose ingredients appear in little dishes around the stove, and you already have a chocolate bar shaver and like waiting around watching the candy thermometer, just to have a cup of hot chocolate.

That's not how I roll.

So, I put water on to boil, put a scoop of chocolate whey protein in a big cup with a pinch of cinnamon, put the hot water in and stirred it up. Added heavy cream and a few ice cubes and I have FILLING hot chocolate, in a few minutes, without standing around being a servant to the food.

I want food to serve ME
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