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Default Carb creep

Hi all,

I've been stalled now for 2 months. The scale hasn't budged more than the normal 1 to 3 pound daily fluctuations. The good news, at least, is that I've found what works for me in maintenance mode.

The bad news is, obviously, no weight loss!

I took a good, hard look at what I've been doing. Definitely a bit of carb creep as well as (I think) my body adjusting so that what I used to eat to lose just doesn't work anymore.

I also checked my keto strips - I've always been in "trace" - once in awhile "small" but that isn't enough to get the weight loss happening again. I need to see a nicer shade of pink/purple!

I got back on the totally "clean" wagon again and I know it's working 'cause I have a banging low carb headache. And I'm not trusting myself to "know" how many carbs I'm eating/day - I'm writing it down again. Too easy to forget or fudge.

I might throw in some intermittent fasting as well. We eat early since it's so dark these days - around 6. I normally eat breakfast about 8:30. Wouldn't take much to push that to 10 and to 16:8. We'll see!

Crossing my fingers this'll break it! I still have about 20 pounds to goal.

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