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Sugar delivers empty calories with no nutritional value and is a big contributor to obesity. One in four children are overweight or obese when they start primary school, rising to one in three children at the age of 11. Salt raises blood pressure, contributing to heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

Sugar and obesity yes. Salt and heart disease no. High salt intake correlates with higher intake of salt-laden processed/junk foods, but salt itself is not the cause of those diseases but rather a marker for poor diet which is. Nice to see sugar correctly blamed and not saturated fat or meat for health problems. I think these people's intentions are good despite less than perfect information to work with.
She wants a ban on added sugar in baby milk and baby foods, and is calling for the sugar levy to include milk drinks that contain added sugar. Her report also recommends incentives to increase fruit and vegetable consumption, such as price subsidies.
Sad how meat has been so vilified that healthy food choices changed from historic "meat and vegetables" to now "fruit and vegetables." Modern fruits contain way too much sugar for my health. Also, what's meant by sugared baby milk? If it's commercial formula from cow's milk sugar (lactose) must be added to make it more nutritionally resemble human than cattle milk. If she means cartons of flavored milk, that's right. No infant (or anyone else really for that matter) should drink that.
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