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Originally Posted by Idealist77
Very Interesting!!!

"The important point emphasized by scientists who study the combination of the ketogenic diet combined with drugs that target metabolism is that the ketogenic diet differentiates in a way that no chemotherapeutic drug on the market is able to the ketogenic diet makes healthy cells healthier and sick cells sicker allowing a synergistic effect when adjunctive agents are utilized. It prepares the therapeutic landscape to be more receptive to additional treatments that target metabolism When taken together as a comprehensive therapeutic strategy; the ketogenic diet could be thought of as primer to a painter, or fertilizer to a gardener."

This is probably the way it will go: using the ketogenic diet as an adjunct to treatment, and easing the concept in that way.

My objection to chemo and radiation is that these are cancer-causing agents.

For a famous example, Roger Ebert didn't die of his cancer. He was "cured." It was the cancer treatment which disfigured him and killed him.
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