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When I asked Dr. Larry Loeb of the University of Washington, one of the key players in the CGAP, to summarize in a few sentences what has been learned so far from the sequence data –he spoke slowly and deliberately, “There are enormous numbers of mutations present in each tumor – and it is very, very difficult to determine which ones are causative. We do not have an adequate armament of effective drugs to target the spectrum of mutant genes within individual tumors. The mutational complexity found in cancer is truly daunting.”

So--if mutation is more common in cancer cells, and supposing the mutations didn't cause the cancer--did the cancer cause the mutations? Or is there a common cause?

Are mitochondria involved in the accuracy of the replication of DNA? Not hard to suppose that energy metabolism in general is.

I'm sure we have a thread on this video somewhere, but for some reason I missed it. Taubes, Volek and others talking about obesity and cancer.
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